Luxurman Philosophy

Even hundreds of years after their invention, a well made timepiece continues to be a mark of wealth and status in modern society. Its distinct look and style captures over a century of engineering, innovation, and fashion; it is function given form and beauty. This ideal, this symbol of rank and nobility, used to be unattainable for most, but times have changed. With great advancements in technology, the watch as we know it today became an accessory to track hours, minutes, and seconds. They have lost their luster and glory. However, several brands hold on to that tradition and modernized it for the present day, bringing back that essence of wealth and prestige.

Luxurman is one of those brands.

What goes into a well-made timepiece? It begins with the base materials. Luxurman watches are constructed from high quality hypoallergenic stainless steel from surface to core. Careful attention to detail and expert engineering with vigorous application of Skill is used to form each case. The same goes for the bands. High quality leather is meticulously chosen, treated, and cut to ensure the best possible fit for every case design.

Then there are the movements, the heart and soul of every timepiece. The quality of the movement affects a watch’s accuracy, reliability, and value. Many companies would call their products “affordable luxury”, and they tend to favor Chinese movements. These are the most unreliable and lowest quality movements on the market. All Luxurman watches are equipped with either Japanese quartz or Swiss quartz movements. With our philosophy and dedication to watchmaking, every model we manufacture will have the quality of a personalized timepiece.